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At Comera, we understand how important robust safety measures against COVID 19 are in keeping our students safe. That's why we apply a rigorous set of COVID safety procedures across our courses. These procedures were developed by our Chief Instructor Mark Brown, who has extensive infection control experience and formerly trained the armed forces on defence against chemical and biological threats.


We have continued to deliver training to key clients throughout the pandemic, so these procedures are tried and tested. Here's what we do to keep our delegates safe:

We carry out a robust risk assessment process for our training, which is then reviewed regularly

When training on-site, we provide clients with a checklist to ensure room size, PPE, cleaning, one way systems and more are in place.

We ask pre-screening questions upon entry. We also carry out non-invasive temperature testing, with an option to re-test if the first recording is high.

Reasonable adjustments are made on every course to ensure all are comfortable with attending and assessments can still be completed without anxiety.

All of our wipes and disinfectant are safe, skin friendly and used by the NHS. We prefer Clinell wipes, which are recognised worldwide. 

We carry spare PPE so that our learners can remain safe even if they forget their PPE, or if it is damaged.

We strip and clean all equipment both before and after a course, for example replacing mannequin lungs. We keep records of this.

We clean all rooms before and after the course. We ask for extra time to ensure this. 

During courses we can usually issue one piece of equipment per person. Where not practicable we minimise sharing and maximise control of decontamination. 

During the safety brief we cover all aspects of safety and demonstrate correct use of PPE and handwashing. During the course we retain a gentle control of COVID safety.

We report a dynamic risk assessment during our activities to ensure safety in all aspects of course delivery.

Our Joining instructions are thorough and include our COVID safety approach. 

We don't just talk about COVID safety. We actually do it. We are thorough and uphold our safety ethos at all times in a friendly and controlled manner. We have found that this approach is highly effective in keeping us all safe. If you have any questions about COVID 19 and our courses, you can get in touch by using our contact form

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