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This 4 day course gives students the key development and confidence to train first aid and Automated External Defibrillation (AED). Once qualified, students can train approved First Aid courses for appropriate companies and run AED and other first aid courses themselves. These courses comprise training in first aid theory and practice, as well as practice of teaching and assessing, including the chance to deliver ‘mini’ training sessions, with assessment and guidance given by the instructor. 



This comprehensive AED instructors’ course is designed to take first aid trainers to the next level of training delivery. This course covers all the necessary theory and allows ample time for ‘hands on’ practical sessions to develop the skills of the trainers. Students will learn the in-depth knowledge of AED use and operation they need to run their own courses and practice teaching and assessing in order to hone their teaching skills. In addition, Comera Health can assist with equipment purchase and advice. 



This medical gases instructors' course is designed to take first aid trainers to the next level of training delivery, comprising all the necessary theory and lots of time for ‘hands on’ practical. The course includes training on airway management as well as equipment safety, administration and contra-indications of both Oxygen and Entonox. Comera Health can also assist with equipment purchase, advice on and writeup of Medical Policy documents for the use of medical gases on site. 

Whether you’re a training provider or a larger organisation looking to develop the skills to train your staff in-house, we can help you to train your own instructors. All our trainers are practising healthcare professionals, and most are of at least paramedic status. This means that they are constantly refreshing and using their skills and can draw on this hands-on experience and up-to-date knowledge to deliver outstanding training. 

For more information about how we can help you with your training needs, get in touch and our team of specialists will advise on the best training solutions for your organisation. 

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