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Rosie offers a 12 month Reinvent course, a fully supported online programme designed to help clients achieve their health goals through a series of small, actionable steps. You’ll also get access to over 250 tasty recipes, 12 weeks of sample meal plans, tracking resources and printable resources.

She can also provide nutritional consultations, both for general nutritional wellbeing and to advise on specific medical issues. You’ll get a 10% discount on these if you subscribe to Reinvent.  

We are partnered with a leading nutritionist, Rosie Letts, to provide tailored nutritional advice and plans that meet our clients’ individual needs, including ‘Reinvent’, a 12 month supported course.


Rosie is a recognised expert in her field, having worked with Olympic athletes and professional footballers on their nutrition, designed recipes for restaurants in London and Bristol and won the ICHAN Outstanding Practice Award in 2018.


Whether you’re just looking for a healthier diet or for help with a specific medical issue like irritable bowel syndrome, Rosie can use her expertise to find a solution that works for you. 

Rosie takes a holistic approach to nutrition. Whereas 70% of diets end in failure, Rosie’s holistic approach is designed to bring about permanent and meaningful changes, driven by her years of nutritional experience, and transform your relationship with food.

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