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There are a variety of providers in the market, so why choose us? Here, we explain some of the things that make us different. We've found this approach leads to effective courses, better learning and happy customers.


We know that a course is only as good as the teacher.  That's why our training is delivered by experienced, uniformed instructors with front line experience in military or healthcare backgrounds. We then coach them in a variety of dynamic, unique teaching techniques to ensure a consistently high standard of delivery.​

To ensure their skills remain up to scratch, we hold regular trainer meetings, and best practice sessions, as well as ensuring they are undertaking more than the required level of CPD.​


We put service at the heart of everything we do, and aim to provide the highest levels of support for our customers before, during and after the course. We are approachable, open and honest. We don't overpromise and we deliver what we say we will.

We're always open to feedback and pride ourselves on our commitment to learning and ongoing improvement. Our commitment doesn't end when the course does and we have an open door policy with regards to ongoing support.


Our first priority is to deliver training that is accurate, consistent and safe. We achieve this in a variety of ways. We carry out regular internal quality assurance and hold regular meetings to ensure our trainers cover the same correct and up to date key learning points. We use industry leading equipment and foster a culture of reliability and accountability.


Where possible we accredit our qualifications, though we also develop our own bespoke courses in order to ensure maximum subject-matter coverage.


We get to know the training needs of our customers so that we can tailor our training and course environment appropriately. We offer a variety of formats, including face-to-face as well as remote and blended learning.

We always aim to make our training hands-on, realistic and interesting. We understand that first aid is first and foremost a practical skill and are committed to giving the students the right training to actually deliver first aid in the environments in which they operate.

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