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Expand your knowledge of first aid delivery and medical training. Our Clinical Governance Officers and Trainers have the expertise to be able to support and guide you on your journey, with examples of practical experience and up-to-date knowledge of current best practice.

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Mark’s expertise comes from his history as an RAF Patrol Medic and now as a first aid and pre-hospital care trainer. Mark is experienced in setting up his own business as a first aid trainer and at delivering a high-quality service as a Trainer.

Neil’s broad experience comes through working hands on as a paramedic and supporting Awarding Organisations and companies, with developing excellent first aid and pre-hospital care courses and assessments.

If you are a Trainer looking for advice or guidance with training delivery or wish to make the most of Neil’s or Mark’s knowledge as part of your Continuous Professional Development (CPD), a session with Neil or Mark would be a great addition to any trainer’s belt.

Conversely, this course is ideal for Learners looking to add to their knowledge and application of First Aid and medical training techniques

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